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Hi Everyone,

I don't want to be spoilery in this post but was curious to find out who has seen the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy in which bisexual, Callie Torres' father comes to visit.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about her ongoing story about her awakening sexual identity.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

For those of you not familiar with the Callie's storyline here are the Callie related scenes from the most recent episode when her dad come to visit

This community primarily focuses on the portrayal of gay characters on TV. However, today I'd like to look at things from a different point of view. In the United States, Neil Patrick Harris is one of the very few out gay Hollywood actors. When he talked to Ellen back in 2007 he said that one of the reasons he had kept his private life private was because he wanted to be able to be "believable" in all different types of roles.

Now he's out, to the degree that he takes his Partner David Burtka to red carpet events but more notably, his character Barney on How I Met Your Mother has fallen in love with a good friend of his, a woman named Robin.

What is really fascinating to me is the overwhelming fan community that has grown around the Barney/Robin relationship.

What are your thoughts on the significance of an out gay actor being embraced by fans in a romantic straight role?

For those of you unfamiliar with his work I've attached a Robin/Barney vid and also a vid of Neil and his Partner singing at a cabaret.

08 April 2009 @ 01:58 pm
Hello, you wonderful queer_as_tv members! After talking a bit with bayamiod she asked me to tell you all about my favourite queer couple on tv right now. I'm not sure how many people have been watching Skins' newest series, but I've completely fallen in love with Emily and Naomi!

Naomi is the blonde, Emily is the redread.

be brave, and want me back...Collapse )

Anyway, I think I've said enough, and hopefully made you want to watch some of this season! You can watch episodes on Sidereel and probably other places. If you like the show you should join skinsfans , and if you fall in love with Ems/Naomi like I have you should join naomi_x_emily .

Aaaaaaaaand one more pic, because they're just so cute. :)Collapse )

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07 April 2009 @ 10:08 pm
If you aren't already watching the Olivia/Natalia (a.k.a. Otalia) storyline on Guiding Light, you should be! Their storyline is the most beautiful, nuanced story I've seen of two women falling in love in any medium, not just soaps. Even if you are wary of soaps, I recommend giving this story a try. It's brilliantly written and acted.

An introduction to Olivia/Natalia under the cut...Collapse )
Hi Everyone,

All my schoolwork is making me get behind in watching TV *sighs*

Please leave me a message and let me know about any queer characters/storylines you're seeing on TV these days that you find particularly noteworthy or interesting.

15 March 2009 @ 11:47 am
Can You please give me your thoughts on this to help me sort things out in my head?

Nip/Tuck is arguably one of the most outrageous shows on American television. So, I tend to NOT scrutinize the represenations on that program as closely as I would other more realist night-time melodramas.

I am kind of perplexed though about how I should feel about one of the VERY few lesbians on TV getting married to a man.

Here's the premise-
-Liz and Christian are work colleagues and friends for over 20 years
-She's never dated men
-He's a notorious womanizer
-He has terminal cancer (more to that but not relevant at the moment)
-She is his caregiver for him during chemo and for his five year old son
-She still identifies as a lesbian even though she's fallen in love with him.
-He isn't particularly sexually attracted to her but he needs her and he does love her
-Upon hearing he has six months to live he proposes to her, she accepts.

Now this obviously has the making of an all time over-the-top soap opera storyline and I am always a fan of represenations of sexual fluidity, but I admit I am bothered to see one of the few lesbian characters on TV in a het relationship.

The UK anti-homophobia organization The Lesbian & Gay Foundation has published it's list of television's most "significant lesbian and gay TV characters."

I'm not sure I agree with all their pics but since I don't what what their criteria was I suppose can't argue perse. I will agree that The Wire's Omar definitely deserves a shout out. (and according to the article he's Obama's fav character on the show.)

Click here for the full list
04 March 2009 @ 01:34 pm
At the beginning of the 2008-2009 TV season it was announced that viewers of the Fox program Bones would be introduced to another former flame of Angela. This free spirited forensic artist, as it turns out, had a year long lesbian romance back when she was in college.

What interests me about this storyline on "The Skull in the Scuplture" which aired on originally on Nov 8th 2008 (and again last week)is how Angela talks with FBI agent Seeley Booth. She wants to know if he's weirded out by her bisexuality. He in turn tells a story about his favorite Aunt who had a "roommate" What I found strike was he doesn't say "I don't have a problem with it" or it's "not an issue for me" but rather (paraphrasing here) "I loved my aunt IN SPITE of the fact that she was a lesbian." It may be an honest response...but to me it still rang as rather homophobic. Thoughts? Comments?

They don't have the scene I mentioned on youtube but below is the clip where Angela tells Bones and Seeley about her same-sex relationship... (any thoughts on this?)

24 February 2009 @ 01:25 pm
The moderator has invited me to introduce Queers United, the activist blog with action alerts for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual, asexual community and our straight allies!

20 February 2009 @ 11:49 pm
Just wanted to know if anyone was watching "All My Children."

They've been touting the first same-sex wedding in daytime
serials for a while now -- between Erica's daughter Bianca
and her partner Reese. Bianca's plot a few years ago was
one of the first to feature a gay character in a major

However, after the wedding happens, it ends up lasting one
day, as Bianca finds her new spouse making oout with a
man. Yeah. Right.

Anyway, I thought this was a pretty crappy thing to do,
even if it is "typical" for soap opera. But especially
after they made a big deal about their "Big Gay Wedding"
to have it broken up by a man just rings all the wrong
bells for me.

What say you guys?